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Dude, Where’s my Volvo?

After months of waiting on parts and finding someone who could fix my car, I got the good news..  It was fixable, the parts had arrived, it was going to cost me a little more than $1,000, which was worth it to me.  It was a 1986 Volvo 240.  I bought it used in 1996 .  I loved my car.

My car introduced me to so many persons, some who became my friends.  And it was often the start of conversations.  When others saw me without my car, they told me they didn’t think they’d see me because they didn’t see my car.

Then, I got the bad news.  It wasn’t fixable after and anyway, it would have cost around $15,000 and would have taken months to try to fix it.

The last few years almost every time I needed something done, I was without my car it would cost hundreds to more than a thousand dollars and I was without it for days to weeks.

I felt safe in my car.  I loved driving a manual shift.  Heck, I used to say I didn’t know how to drive an automatic. 

I’m already missing my car.   But as much as I’m sad about it.  I did get to enjoy it for almost 30 years.  And as special it was to me, it was a car. Luckily, though it’s gone, I’m still here.