Winning Isn't Normal

Whatever Your Endeavor

I used The Swim to Win Playbook to help me prepare for countless games and practices throughout my career as a tight end in the Big Ten and the National Football League. Dr. Bell’s book transformed the way I approached the game mentally and helped me set goals, relax, and play to win. Dr. Bell’s writing was a huge part of my success as a football player, particularly in the NFL, where the competition was the most intense. A great read for athletes of all ages and sports who want to take their preparation and performance to the next level.
— Kyle Adams, Former NFL player 

For those who want to get the extra edge on the competition. 
— Amy VanDyken, Olympic Quadruple Gold Medalist

The Swim To Win PLAYBOOK is Awesome! Every swimmer in America should have one, for himself and for the future of American Swimming. 
— Josh Davis, Olympic Triple Gold Medalist

This short course season I introduced Dr. Bell’s book: The Swim To Win PLAYBOOK into my high school group’s training program. Our year-end results showed the impact of the mental training program: 100% lifetime bests from the group. I know that The Swim To Win PLAYBOOK had a lot to do with this. I would urge other swimmers to get on the bandwagon and learn how to ‘play’ swimming. It works! 
— Mark Elley, Head Coach, San Antonio Wave

There are many celebrities I admire, but I admire you the most and there are many reasons for that. In The Swim To Win PLAYBOOK all the challenges are given and you teach us how to solve each problem in different ways. Hilarious and serious ways, both are fine you told me in the book. Besides that, Winning Isn’t Normal and Target on Gold taught me a lot of things. You gave a seminar to us at Rose Bowl Aquatics and my speed changed in all strokes. Thank you very much.
— Min Lee, Swimmer, Rose Bowl Aquatics

When I first came to Dr. Bell, I remember I was not enjoying swimming the way I had when I first started competitive swimming.   After an hour session, he prescribed The Swim To Win PLAYBOOK for my problem, and after completing the first three exercises, I could already feel so much enjoyment for the sport returning with every day. Not to mention, I was hooked on the games!   I have encouraged my friends to use the PLAYBOOK, and all claim to have a greater feel for the sport.   I love it! 
— Jonathan Lane, Swimmer, San Antonio Wave

Keith Bell writes in a way that swimmers can relate and was a helpful book to our swimmer, who continued through high school and 4 years of college. Good insight.
— Bookgrouper



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